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Home is where one’s butt is

I don’t want to explain why we’re bivouac’d at a friend’s house in San Marino. What matters, for the purpose of this post, is that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Covid-19 pandemic. But hey, it’s a … Continue reading

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Choose One

A few days ago, in Figuring the Future, I sourced an Arnold Kling blog post that posed an interesting pair of angles toward outlook: a 2×2 with Fragile <—> Robust on one axis and Essential <—> Inessential on the other. In … Continue reading

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More on Zoom and privacy

[This is the second of four posts. The last of those, Zoom’s new privacy policy., visits the company’s positive response to input such as mine here. So you might want to start with that post (because it’s current) and look … Continue reading

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Here’s hoping our Age of Ageism is a brief one

A few days ago a Twitter exchange contained an “OK Boomer” response to one of my tweets. At the time I laughed it off, tweeting back a pointer to Report: Burying, Cremating Baby Boomers To Generate $200 Trillion In GDP, … Continue reading

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What happened to nonviolence?

Two graphs tell some of the story. First is how often “nonviolence” and “non-violence” appeared in books until 2008, when Google quit keeping track: Second is search trends for “nonviolence” and “non-violence” since 2004, which is when Google started keeping track of … Continue reading

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How #adblocking matures from #NoAds to #SafeAds

Take a look at any ad, for anything, online. Do you know whether or not it’s meant for you personally — meaning that you’ve been tracked somehow, and that tracking has been used to aim the ad at you? Chances … Continue reading

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On @Cluetrain, @advertising @social and #NewClues

In There Is No More Social Media — Just Advertising, Mike Proulx (@McProulx) begins, Fifteen years ago, the provocative musings of Levine, Locke, Searls and Weinberger set the stage for a grand era of social media marketing with the publication … Continue reading

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Time for digital emancipation

Civilization is a draft. Provisional. Scaffolded. Under construction. For example: That’s Thomas Jefferson‘s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration hasn’t changed since July 4, 1776, but the Constitution built on it has been amended thirty-three times, so far. The thirteenth of those abolished slavery, at … Continue reading

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Digging a new River for the NYTimes

Dave says “The New York Times home page needs a re-think.” But he doesn’t stop there, because thinking isn’t enough and complaining is worse than useless. (As I’ve often found. For example, here.) We need to hack up something new, … Continue reading

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On manners, privacy and evolution

In this comment and this one under my last post, Ian Falconer brings up a bunch of interesting points, some of which are summarized by these paragraphs from his first comment… Here in the UK most people over 40 will remember placing … Continue reading

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