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Why the Celtics will win the NBA finals

Marcus Smart. Photo by Eric Drost, via Wikimedia Commons. Back in 2016, I correctly predicted that the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the NBA finals, beating the heavily favored Golden State Warriors, which had won a record 73 games in the regular … Continue reading

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A thermal theory of basketball

Chemistry is a good metaphor for how teams work—especially when times get tough, such as in the playoffs happening in the NBA right now. Think about it. Every element has a melting point: a temperature above which solid turns liquid. Basketball … Continue reading

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Why the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

I think there are more reasons to believe in the Bucs than the Chiefs today: better offensive line, better defense, Brady’s unequaled Super Bowl experience, etc. But the Chiefs are favored by 3.5 points, last I looked, and they have … Continue reading

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How to get fans inside the NBA’s playoff bubble

Sell tickets to attend online through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Webex, GoToMeeting, Jitsi or whatever conferencing system can supply working tech to the NBA. Then mic everyone in the paying crowd, project them all on the walls (or sheets … Continue reading

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All hail the Houston Rockets—especially next year

I thought the Rockets were great in last night’s game—and say that as a Warriors fan. (I even had season tickets back in the Run TMC era, when tickets were still affordable). The Rockets’ problem was that the Warriors were … Continue reading

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Why the Cleveland Cavaliers will win tonight

I’m a Golden State Warriors fan. Not huge, but big enough to have held season tickets through the Run TMC years. (I grew up a Knicks fan, and liked the Celtics when I lived in Boston, but those are less … Continue reading

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Remembering Bob Kauffman

When the Los Angeles Clippers open their first game at home this season, I want them to pause and celebrate their original franchise player: Bob Kauffman, the team’s all-star center for its first three seasons, when they were the Buffalo Braves. I also think the team should retire … Continue reading

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Idea: nets from the Nets for Brooklyn’s schools and playgrounds

Here is a simple idea for the Brooklyn Nets that will do a world of good for their borough and their team: provide new nets for every net-less basketball hoop in every school and playground. The cost of few thousand … Continue reading

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LeBron is the true MVP

Here’s the best way to determine a most valuable player on any team: look at how the team would have done without him, or her. In the case of the NBA, look at Cleveland and Miami with and without LeBron … Continue reading

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Rooting for LeBron, Steph, great team ball, and seven games

If you care about sports at all, you need to see the NBA Finals this year. What you will see are the two best players, on the two best teams — perhaps ever. We’re not talking just about talent here. We’re … Continue reading

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