News Commons

This is a continuing series of blog posts toward helping local journalism thrive anew in our digital age. They include a variety of original ideas (most notably from Dave Askins of the B Square Bulletin) focused on Bloomington, Indiana, where my wife Joyce and I are visiting scholars with the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University.

  1. We Need Deep News (18 August 2023)
  2. We Need Wide News (30 August 2023)
  3. We Need Whole News (15 September 2023)
  4. Stories vs. Facts (12 October 2023)
  5. Deeper News (20 October 2023)
  6. DatePress (9 November 2023)

The image above is the best Bing Creator has done for me, so far, toward representing a news commons. The prompt for this one was, “A public park with a small marketplace on one side is surrounded by a courthouse, a playing field, businesses, and a radio station. In the marketplace wander male and female reporters, some taking notes, some with cameras.” If you care enough to try, give a read to my series of posts and see what you can do with AI art to represent it.