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Because freedom matters

After one of my reluctant visits to Facebook yesterday, I posted this there: If I were actually the person Facebook advertised to, I would be an impotent, elderly, diabetic, hairy (or hairless) philandering cancer patient, heart attack risk, snoring victim, … Continue reading

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Maybe wallets can’t be apps

Danese Cooper ‏(@DivaDanese) asks via tweet, Wallet App (and 1-button pay) as “compelling demo” apparently works equally well 4 BitCoin as 4 PayPal. @dsearls opinion? #BitcoinSummit Sounds cool, but I don’t know which wallet app she’s talking about. There are … Continue reading

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We’re all going to need clothes

In the physical world we know what privacy is and how it works. We know because we have worked out privacy technologies and norms over thousands of years. Without them we wouldn’t have civilization. Doors and windows are privacy technologies. So are clothes. … Continue reading

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Time for digital emancipation

Civilization is a draft. Provisional. Scaffolded. Under construction. For example: That’s Thomas Jefferson‘s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration hasn’t changed since July 4, 1776, but the Constitution built on it has been amended thirty-three times, so far. The thirteenth of those abolished slavery, at … Continue reading

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The cliff personal clouds need to climb

This speed test was done in London, but it’s typical of everywhere: It shows a Net biased for downstream, and minimized for upstream. If we’re going to do any serious personal work in clouds, we need better upstream than this. … Continue reading

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A New Data Deal, starting today

There was a time when personal computer was an oxymoron: a contradiction in terms. That ended when personal computing got real in the ’80s. There was a time when personal networking, where every person has status, reach and power equal … Continue reading

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Why EULAs suck for the Internet of Things

I’ve been asked how EULAs — End User License Agreements — might affect the Internet of Things, now becoming better known as the IoT. Good question. The topic is hot: Development, however, is another story. There we are headed straight into a log-jam that … Continue reading

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Cars as crucibles for personal autonomy

From Merriam-Webster: cru·ci·ble noun\ˈkrü-sə-bəl\ : a pot in which metals or other substances are heated to a very high temperature or melted : a difficult test or challenge : a place or situation that forces people to change or make … Continue reading

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One more reason we need personal clouds

A couple days ago I went to an Apple store with my iPhone 4, which was running down its battery for no apparent reason. I forget the diagnosis, which didn’t matter as much as the cure: wiping the phone and … Continue reading

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Fred Wilson’s talk at LeWeb

I’m bummed that I missed LeWeb, but I’m glad I got to see and hear Fred Wilson’s talk there, given on Tuesday. I can’t recommend it more highly. Go listen. It might be the most leveraged prophesy you’re ever going to hear. … Continue reading

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