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Al Jazeera in Egypt is cable’s ‘Sputnik moment’

Cable companies: Add Al Jazeera English *now* Jeff Jarvis commands, correctly, on his blog — and also in Huffpo, under the headine We Want Our Al Jazeera English Now. For me now was a few minutes ago, when I read … Continue reading

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Connectivity hell, Part III

To their credit, fixing my problem has become a higher priority with Cox. A senior guy came out today, confirmed the problem (intermittent high latencies and packet losses), made some changes that adjusted voltages at the modem, and found by … Continue reading

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Opening the paying field

When we went looking for an apartment here a couple years ago, we had two primary considerations in addition to the usual ones: walking distance from a Red Line subway stop, and fiber-based Internet access. The latter is easy to … Continue reading

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Wanted: à la carte HDTV

So our Verizon FiOS home bill has been about $160/month. We were looking to chop that down a bit when I called Verizon this morning. To put it as simply as possible, it’s complicated. What I care about most is … Continue reading

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Liberating the Net from the FCC

In The Office of Connectivity Advocacy, Bob Frankston argues for something we’ve needed a long time: prying the Net from the regulatory grips of telecom and cablecom, both of which are inside the FCC and part of a regulatory mess … Continue reading

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