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On using Wikipedia in schools

In Students are told not to use Wikipedia for research. But it’s a trustworthy source, Rachel Cunneen and Mathieu O’Niel nicely unpack their case for the headline. In a online polylogue in response to that piece, I wrote, “You always have a … Continue reading

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First iPhone mention?

I wrote this fake story on January 24, 2005, in an email to Peter Hirshberg after we jokingly came up with it during a phone call. Far as I know, it was the first mention of the word “iPhone.” Apple … Continue reading

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Trend of the Day: NFT

NFTs—Non-Fungible Tokens—are hot shit. Wikipedia explains (at that link), A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique. Unlike cryptocurrencies such bitcoin and many network or utility tokens,[a], NFTs are not mutually interchangeable and are thus not fungible in nature[1][2] Non-fungible tokens … Continue reading

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A meteor miss

So yesterday evening, not long after sundown, we drove out to our usual spot in the countryside west of Santa Barbara to watch a big launch of a big rocket — NROL-71 — from Vandenberg Air Force Base. The launch … Continue reading

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#ThomasFire Tuesday

Here is the extent of the Thomas Fire, via VIIRS readings going back a week: Here are the active margins of the fire alone. The distance from one end to the other is about 40 miles: We also see it’s … Continue reading

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The Daily Tab for 2017_06_06

Required viewing: A Good American, a documentary on Bill Binney and the NSA by @FriedrichMoser. IMHO, this is the real Snowden movie. And I say that with full respect for Snowden. Please watch it. (Disclosure: I have spent quality time with both Bill and … Continue reading

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Old radio towers toppled as American Dream site preparations continue – News – Misses the real story. These were the towers that radiated 50,000 watts of WHN, WMGM, WFAN, WEVD and WEPN, all on 1050am, until several years ago, … Continue reading

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Spring links

Crocuses are showing up next to sidewalks in New York, so it must be Spring, which seems like a good time to finish a pile of links I started compiling in December and forgot about. Here goes… Photography Mattresses, Brooms, … Continue reading

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Link pile-up

Photography, by Ken Libbrecht of Caltech. Follow the links. Amazing stuff. Alexey Kltijov‘s also amazing snowflake shots, with an explanation of technique Freedom vs. Surveillance Eben Moglen: Snowden and the Future. Three brilliant speeches so far, with one more to … Continue reading

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And one click to close the tab

— when I see this kind of stuff pop over what I came to read:

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