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Reversing the comms industry power ratio

Empowering the Internet One American at a Time is an excellent post by Erik Cecil, a battle-hardened telecom lawyer whose vision of the Big Picture and around all curves continues to delight me. The post first appeared on a mail … Continue reading

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Thinking past the I-I boundary

For the form of life we call business, we are at a boundary between eras. For biological forms of life, the most recent of these is the K-T boundary between theĀ  Mesozoic and the Cenozoic Eras. The Mezozoic Era ended … Continue reading

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Liberating the Net from the FCC

In The Office of Connectivity Advocacy, Bob Frankston argues for something we’ve needed a long time: prying the Net from the regulatory grips of telecom and cablecom, both of which are inside the FCC and part of a regulatory mess … Continue reading

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