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FiOS is in my street. Can I have some?

[4 December: I got a call from Verizon and an answer. For that, skip down to *here.] We have a new apartment in Manhattan. Washington Heights. Verizon FiOS is here. FiOS trucks roam the streets. They set up little tables … Continue reading

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Deficit reduction by spectrum auction?

So I took up David Weigel‘s challenge in Slate: Read the Reid Plan. Read the Boehner Plan. Get Back to Me… and got as far as this stuff in Reid’s plan: (Sorry, I had to take a screen shot because … Continue reading

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Hey Verizon, show us some upstream FiOS love

If you want to get the most out of your Verizon FiOS (fiber to the home) Internet connection, here are your top two tiers: I have the one on the left, and that’s what I’m paying for it. The service … Continue reading

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Building the Information Squeezeway

Some encouraging words here about Verizon’s expected 4G data rates: After testing in the Boston and Seattle areas, the provider estimates that a real connection on a populated network should average between 5Mbps to 12Mbps in download rates and between … Continue reading

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Opening the paying field

When we went looking for an apartment here a couple years ago, we had two primary considerations in addition to the usual ones: walking distance from a Red Line subway stop, and fiber-based Internet access. The latter is easy to … Continue reading

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Wanted: à la carte HDTV

So our Verizon FiOS home bill has been about $160/month. We were looking to chop that down a bit when I called Verizon this morning. To put it as simply as possible, it’s complicated. What I care about most is … Continue reading

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