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Al Jazeera English to be buried in cable

Two years ago I called Al Jazeera’s live coverage of the revolution in Egypt a “Sputnik moment” for cable in the U.S. Turns out it wasn’t. Not since Al Jazeera agreed to pay half a $billion, plus their live internet stream, to sit … Continue reading

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Android as a life management platform

Nearly all smartphones today are optimized to do three things for you: Run apps Speak to other people Make you dependent on a phone company The first two are features. The third is a  bug. In time that bug will … Continue reading

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Journalism is outlining

[Updated 1 December to add the addendum below. If you’re new to this post, start here. If you’ve read it already, start down there.] In Journalism as service: Lessons from Sandy, Jeff Jarvis says, “After Sandy, what journalists provided was … Continue reading

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Intention Economy meets Subscription Economy

I’ll be speaking tomorrow (Thursday, 4 October at Subscribed 2012 London, at the Kensington Roof Garden, near the Kensington tube stop on High Street. Seats are still available, and it’s free. The intention economy and the subscription economy are both … Continue reading

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Let’s name the crossover point

Over dinner in Amsterdam recently, George Dyson — who knows a thing or two about the history of computing — told me that a crossover of sorts has happened, or is happening now. The crossover is between a time when … Continue reading

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Browsers should have been cars. Instead they’re shopping carts.

Back in 1995, one of my wife’s sisters became one of the first executives at a hot new startup called Netscape. We wore Netscape t-shirts, used Netscape’s browser, and paid close attention to what was happening in Netscape’s space, which … Continue reading

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Yes, please meet the Chief Executive Customer

Looks like IBM and I are in agreement. Last week the first image you saw at IBM’s site (at least here in the U.S.) was a larger version of the one on the left, with the headline “Meet the new … Continue reading

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How Apple will turn the Net’s top into TV’s bottom

Apple TV (whatever it ends up being called) will kill cable. It will also give TV new life in a new form. It won’t kill the cable companies, which will still carry data to your house, and which will still get a … Continue reading

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After Bitly’s fail

[This post was read by Bitly folks, who reached out appreciatively. The thread continues with a follow-up post here.] Last night huge thunderstorms moved across New Hampshire, and later across Boston. There was even a tornado watch (the red outline … Continue reading

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After Facebook fails

Making the rounds is The Facebook Fallacy, a killer essay by Michael Wolff in MIT Technology Review. The gist: At the heart of the Internet business is one of the great business fallacies of our time: that the Web, with … Continue reading

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