“If you don’t like the news, go out and  make some of your own,” Scoop Nisker says. (I first heard him say that when he did news for M. Dung‘s morning show on KFOG in 1985. Great show. Sorry most of you missed it.)

The same goes for words. Today I wanted one for advertising mania, so I made one up: advertimania, which I’ll define, provisionally (though simply), as excessive enthusiasm for advertising. If it succeeds, it may one day deserve an entry here in Douglas Harper‘s brilliant Online Etymology Dictionary.

Why not advermania? Because it’s already used by many advertising sites (hyping advertising, of course), while “+advertimania” comes up with no results on Google or Bing. (The ‘+’ makes the engines cough up results only for the intended word.)

Let’s see how long it takes for either engine to index the find.

[21 minutes later…]

Tweeted this:

@dsearls Doc Searls
New word: Help me see how long it takes for Bing and Google to index that entry, made 1 minute ago.
20 minutes ago via web

Then came this:

aswath 41 Aswath Rao
@dsearls Bing got it via this Twitter; Google has not yet
5 minutes ago

Now Bing shows nothing with the + sign in front of “advertimania”. When I take that away, it has this:

ALL RESULTS  1-3 of 3 results· Advanced
Advertimania 26 minutes ago

Sep 28, 2011 · “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own,” Scoop Nisker says. (I first heard him say that when he did news for M. Dung‘s … · Cached page

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Writer with ties to Linux Journal, the Berkman Center at Harvard and CITS at UCSB. – New word: #advertimania: Help me see how long it takes for Bing … · Cached page
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Please stop the adverti-mania. (Infraction + Reported + A PM to Tamlin. Damn, I’m evil) @profitbysearch: I like the site, but I think the layout is a bit too busy. · Cached page

Meanwhile Google has this:

Did you mean: +vertimania

Search Results
[Doc Searls]: Advertimania.
[Doc Searls]: Advertimania.

Bing wins, folks. (But right now I can’t see this, because there’s some funky html I copied and can’t fix. Grr.)

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5 Responses to Advertimania

  1. Bill Dunphy says:

    Hi Doc,

    I re-tweeted your tweet, checked the blogpost and then googled +advertimania = 1 result. This post. (3:59 pm Eastern time)


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  3. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Bill.

    Meanwhile, I do have some text in the post, at the end, saying Bing wins, but it doesn’t show. Not sure why, and don’t have the time to unscrew the copied/pasted html.

  4. Kristen B. says:

    I wish that advertimania would be able to reflect in Google. It is a good that Bing has already reflected your tweet. I haven’t experienced of having a tweet reflected on Bing or Google.

    Magnavox MDR513H

  5. Mike Averto says:


    That is an interesting study in how long it took a new word to show in search indexes. I actually found it interesting that Bing picked it up before Google.

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