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Whose Side(wiki) Are You On?

What are we to make of Sidewiki? Is it, as Phil Windley says, a way to build the purpose-centric Web? Or is it, as Mike Arrington suggests, the latest way to “deface” websites? The arguments here were foreshadowed in the … Continue reading

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Getting quakes straight

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has an excellent Earthquake Center for all the earthquakes in the world, which is very handy at a time when many are happening at once, followed in some cases by tsunamis that cross seas … Continue reading

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It was a little tougher 214,000,000 years ago

Above is the best (or the widest) shot I could get of Lake Manicouagan, which is the largest visible impact crater on Earth. Only three (or maybe four) are larger and none are visible. The Manicouagan impact event happened about … Continue reading

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On value and valuation

Over in Fast Company, Tim Beyers nicely threads quotable pearls from Cluetrain‘s four authors, including yours truly, in Twitter’s Investors Missed the Cluetrain – Here’s Why. The context of the story is continued investment in Twitter at a reported $1 … Continue reading

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Calling all Customers

VRM East Coast Workshop 2009 is coming up soon — on 12-13 October, at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA. It’s hosted by the Berkman Center and ProjectVRM at the Center. As with earlier VRM workshops, it’s a free unconference, … Continue reading

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As in days of yore

I blog by grace of something I hardly expected to find: a free open wi-fi hot spot in London. Way back in (it says 1969, but it was actually) 2002, I had a ball discovering many free wi-fi hot spots … Continue reading

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Chaining links

First, links to a pair of pieces I wrote — one new, one old, both for Linux Journal. The former is Linux and Plethorization, a short piece I put up today, and which contains a little usage experiment that will … Continue reading

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Excellence vs. B of A

The Excellent Adventure is the name of the blog. Its subhead is The tale of TeamHudson, as they discover that all they need is a tall ship…. Its About page says,   In July of 2006, Laureen and Jason were … Continue reading

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Can’t make hard boiled soft

That’s my take-away from Fawn Germer in It’s the Cynicism That’ll Kill You. The encompassing lines:   So many of my former colleagues who are forced to transition and re-invent actually expected to report for newspapers until the final days … Continue reading

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Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge fly-by

The shot above, made on Sunday out the window of a plane on approach to Las Vegas, comes three and a half years after this shot, which I took from the ground at Hoover Dam. Here’s a whole set of … Continue reading

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