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Dear Adobe, Please buy Flickr

Flickr is far from perfect, but it is also by far the best online service for serious photographers. At a time when the center of photographic gravity is drifting form arts & archives to selfies & social, Flickr remains both … Continue reading

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Why the strange uploads to @Flickr?

I’ve got 58,765 photos on Flickr, so far. These have 8,618,102 views at the moment, running at about 5,000 a day. The top count this last week was 11,766. Not that I’m into stats. I just want to make clear that I’m deeply invested in … Continue reading

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What’s right with Wikipedia?

“I make my living off the Evening News Just give me something: something I can use People love it when you lose They love dirty laundry. — Don Henley, “Dirty Laundry” Look up “Wikipedia loses” (with the quotes) and you … Continue reading

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Chaining links

First, links to a pair of pieces I wrote — one new, one old, both for Linux Journal. The former is Linux and Plethorization, a short piece I put up today, and which contains a little usage experiment that will … Continue reading

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Flickr back up

First, a big thanks to all the folks at Yahoo who ran down and helped fix the problem behind the post below. Turns out I had two IDs, one for Yahoo and one for Flickr, and that the two were … Continue reading

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A world of producers

There’s a good chance that the best picture you can put on your HD screen doesn’t come from your cable or satellite TV company, but from your new HD camcorder. As time and markets march on, that chance will only … Continue reading

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