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Let’s say you want to improve the Wikipedia page for Clayton Indiana with an aerial photograph. Feel free to use the one above. That’s why I shot it, posted it, and licensed it permissively. It’s also why I put a … Continue reading

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Another shot down the lens barrel

Hey, this is cool: CoolLAj Magazine includes this shot in La La Land at It’s Best: Photos of LA: It was near the end of a series of flights from Copenhagen to Santa Barbara, and easily the best of the … Continue reading

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Colors of salt

Before the salt in evaporating sea water turns white, it goes through stages of color that range from jade green to brick red, with variations of orange, yellow and other colors. From above the salt ponds around San Francisco Bay … Continue reading

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Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge fly-by

The shot above, made on Sunday out the window of a plane on approach to Las Vegas, comes three and a half years after this shot, which I took from the ground at Hoover Dam. Here’s a whole set of … Continue reading

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On the sky again

Flying from Boston to Minneapolis by way of Chicago today. The second leg is through the middle of this: Shouldn’t be much to see out the window. But I’m looking forward to talking tomorrow morning at MinneWebCon. The title is … Continue reading

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Looking over St. Louis

Got these shots of St. Louis and the convergence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers while flying to Austin by way of Chicago two Fridays ago. You can see the Gateway Arch, right of center, Busch Stadium, the Edward Jones … Continue reading

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Up and a way

Sitting by Gate 88 at SFO, waiting to board United’s next Boston flight. I just took my chances and ordered a short dry decaf cappuccino. I figured I had a good chance of getting what I wanted because the coffee … Continue reading

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Picture These

So I’m here in the Bolt Bus from Boston to New York. There’s wi-fi on board, and power outlets in the backs of most seats. But the wi-fi is slow, so I’m on a Sprint EvDO card. Getting about 1Mb … Continue reading

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Going from San Francisco

Got some nice shots of San Francisco and Marin on Sunday, as we flew off to Chicago on the first leg of the trip home from Thanksgiving in California. Actually, my kid shot most of them, since he had the … Continue reading

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These are a few among the many salt ponds that ring the south end of San Francisco Bay. Once considered and agricultural innovation and an economic boom, the practice of “reclaiming” wild wetlands for industrial purposes is now considered ecologically … Continue reading

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