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Dear DSCC: unsubscribe means unsubscribe

I have unsubscribed from the DSCC mailing list, which I never joined, multiple times. Here’s a screen shot of my last unsubscribe session, dated 21 October: That’s the third screen, after others that mute the unsubscribe option. At this point, … Continue reading

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Primary needs for political tools

For years I’ve been watching my old pal Britt Blaser work to improve the means by which citizens manage their elected politicians, and otherwise improve governance in our democracy. Now comes Diane Francis, veteran columnist for the National Post in … Continue reading

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Happy New Country

Changes at Whitehouse.gov are the top item on Techmeme. My tweets watching The Event: Say Amen. about 2 hours ago from web search isn’t working too well at http://whitehouse.gov about 2 hours ago from web Speech text: http://tinyurl.com/9wlgax about 2 … Continue reading

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Quote du jour

Lessig: Take the money out of politics (and here’s a specific proposal for doing that), and then come back to me to talk about the good, public regarding reasons why Congress is stepping in to “save the auto industry.”

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