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The Internet deserves its proper noun

The NYTimes says the Mandarins of language are demoting the Internet to a common noun. It is to be just “internet” from now on. Reasons: Thomas Kent, The A.P.’s standards editor, said the change mirrored the way the word was used in dictionaries, … Continue reading

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Help: why don’t images load in https?

For some reason, many or most of the images in this blog don’t load in some browsers. Same goes for the ProjectVRM blog as well. This is new, and I don’t know exactly why it’s happening. So far, I gather … Continue reading

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Why fix a problem that doesn’t exist?

We all know what this symbol means: Two people are not allowed to share an iPad. Just kidding. It means the lavatory in the airplane is occupied. Also that it can be used by persons of either gender. Which gender you are … Continue reading

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Is the online advertising bubble finally starting to pop?

I started calling online advertising a bubble in 2008. I made “The Advertising Bubble” a chapter in The Intention Economy in 2012. I’ve been unpacking what I figure ought to be obvious (but isn’t) in 52 posts and articles (so far) in … Continue reading

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Dear Adobe, Please buy Flickr

Flickr is far from perfect, but it is also by far the best online service for serious photographers. At a time when the center of photographic gravity is drifting form arts & archives to selfies & social, Flickr remains both … Continue reading

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Toward an ethics of influence

This event is now in the past and can be seen in its entirety here. Stop now and go to, where @TristanHarris, the guy on the left above, has produced and gathered much wisdom about a subject most of us … Continue reading

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