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Toward post-Journalism journalism

On Thursday, right after failing to get a root canal for the Xth time (saga here), I participated in a square-table discussion (because that was its geometry) titled “How to Make Money in News: New Business Models for the 21st … Continue reading

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The Meta 4

In response to my essay Framing the Net, on Publius, Rikke Frank Jørgensen has posted Metaphors We Regulate By. Her summary lines: “I have found four categories to be dominant in both Internet-related literature, and in current regulatory battles at … Continue reading

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Endodontics, 1; Toothache, 0

About a month ago I offered myself to my kid as an example of good dental hygeine practices. While I have a mouthful of gold (owing mostly to molars that came with deep gooves that no brush could reach), all … Continue reading

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Had a great time mixing it up with the BlogTalkRadio folks a couple nights ago, talking Cluetrain after 10 years. Here’s the show. Big thanks to Allan Hoving for lining up and co-hosting it with Janet Fouts and Jim Love. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia vs. Fame

Wow: Regis McKenna‘s Wikipedia entry is one short paragraph. Geoffrey Moore‘s is barely more than a stub. We’re talking here about two of the greatest marketing minds in human history. I’m not joking. Amazing. Neither has a picture, either. I … Continue reading

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Have a nice daze

The dark and gathering sameness of the world. An excerpt:   The consequence of this is a “plague of sameness” and the loss of a distinct species every ten minutes. Some types of fruits and vegetables have lost 90% of … Continue reading

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Will LPFMs go mostly to evangelical christian broadcasters?

Looks like legislation opening up the FM band to more LPFM (low power FM) stations is moving through Congress. While Prometheus Radio celebrates, I gotta wonder if Calvary Chapel of Everywhere isn’t going to gobble a lot of those new … Continue reading

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The REAL real time search

Blog search is mighty thin in Wikipedia. Technorati’s entry is stale. IceRocket and BlogPulse are stubs. BlogScope is minimal. It’s really wierd. While “real time” is heating up as a topic, real time search seems to have fallen off the … Continue reading

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Liking IceRocket

In The new Technorati: advertiser-friendly, foreigner-free? Ethan Zuckerman unpacks a bit of what remains (“highly-targeted, advertiser friendly content”) and what’s gone (everything but English) at Technorati. (This blog is still there, at #2659 and falling, with an authority of 549. … Continue reading

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Underground news

Three days ago Jonathan MacDonald witnessed an altercation in the London Underground at the Holborn Station, between — as Jonathan reports it — a uniformed Underground staffer an elderly man whose arm had just been released from doors that had … Continue reading

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