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Snow fooling around

That’s what it looks like now. And a “double” storm is due to hit tomorrow night.

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Urban radio moves into white space

There’s something new on the FM dial in Boston. You might think of it as a kind of urban renewal. Grass roots, up through the pavement. (There’s a pun in there, but you need to read on to get it.) … Continue reading

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Because advertising encourages Alzheimer’s

I dunno why the New York Times appeared on my doorstep this morning, along with our usual Boston Globe (Sox lost, plus other news) — while our Wall Street Journal did not. (Was it a promo? There was no response … Continue reading

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Saving the Globe From its World of Hurt

One of the geeks here at the┬áBerkman Center walked into a room recently and started poking his index finger down on a newspaper that was laying on the table, as if expecting it to do something electronic. “This isn’t working,” … Continue reading

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What actually happened to Sidekick?

Several days ago I posted RIP, Sidekick, which lamented the passing of our favorite section of the Boston Globe. As part of the Globe’s redesign, it got rid of Sidekick and added a new section — a tabloid insert like … Continue reading

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RIP, Sidekick

Our favorite section of the Boston Globe is no more. It was called “Sidekick”, and it featured local news and events in our corner of the metro: the one called “Northwest”.* It had local restaurant reviews, club, theater, school and … Continue reading

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