Wikipedia vs. Fame

Wow: Regis McKenna‘s Wikipedia entry is one short paragraph. Geoffrey Moore‘s is barely more than a stub. We’re talking here about two of the greatest marketing minds in human history. I’m not joking. Amazing.

Neither has a picture, either. I just checked my own 31,000-shot gallery, and didn’t find either one. I did find the great Phil Moore, however. Like I said at that link, one of my heroes.

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  2. Jason Scott says:

    Do you want to get me started? 🙂

  3. Mic Edwards says:

    This has a lot to do with the absurd ‘deletionist’ practices adopted by many people in the Wikipedia camp …

    I’ve got an interesting work history and a couple of refereed academic papers to my name, but I’m sure I would have zero chance of surviving a Wikipedia review, since I don’t appear on the ‘Net ‘social pages’.

    Oh well. Ultimately, it is what it is. Not much better than an old-fashioned encyclopaedia.

  4. ski says:

    Agreed Mic. Doc had shared his experience last year (as I recall) at the hands of the idiots on Wikipedia that seem to know what is best for all concerned. I will just keep putting money in my pockets. As Reggie Jackson said it best, “The only person I have to impress, is me.” –ski

  5. Mic – see my article on Wikipedia inclusionism vs. deletionism:

    Which mentions “Wikigroaning”:

  6. Phil Moore? Famous for running concert halls in NY & SFO?

  7. mike says:

    does flickr have a prob with tags at the moment, you got in your link about they wont let you tag phil moore, i had the same thing ? what the heck?

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