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Hey, Twitter has its Follow Fridays. So I suggest blogs have Subscribe Sundays. For pointing to other blogs you think are worth subscribing to.

I haven’t subscribed to particular blogs in awhile (mostly I subscribe, temporarily, to topics, or search strings). But two I just came across seem extra interesting to me. One is Enjoymentland, and the other is Monoscope, which I discovered by way of this post on Enjoymentland.

I found Enjoymentland by way of a search for self-tracking while prepping for Tuesday’s panel on Getting Personal With Data.

Bonus link: Go track yourself.

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  2. Thanks, Doc. From Enjoymentland, I found the Locavore iPhone app. I get a box of local organic food delivered every week to my door, and now I can see whether there are other things in season that I could be getting, and whether all the things I get are indeed local:-)

    Try my Stealthmode blog for a while.

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  4. It’s a laudable goal and practice.

    Unfortunately, (individual) [influence] Blogging Is Dead

    (n.b., anyone replying, please read the post before responding along the lines of but-you-can-CHAT. The post is not about chat. Got it? NOT – ABOUT – CHAT. Again, chat about, it is not. Clear? Let’s try that one more time, since this is the internets, the point is not about chat, but individual influence. But I know this won’t work 🙁 )

  5. Doc Searls says:

    I think you’re right, Seth. I also think we’re in the Net’s paleozoic. We’re riding bryzoans and trilobites here. Blogging and tweeting (and whatevering) are primitive forms of something else. Meanwhile, alas, they’re no more dead than any other species. What they eat and excrete, how they work in their ecologies… open to study and interpretation.

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