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WSJ vs. Subscribers

I’ve been a Wall Street Journal subscriber since the 1970s. I still am. The paper shows up at my doorstep every day. I’ve also been a subscriber to the Journal online. It costs extra. I’ve gladly paid it, even though … Continue reading

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The best thing on radio, right now

— is All A Capella, on WERS/88.9 in Boston. Listen here. Or on the Public Radio Tuner. Or on WERS own iPhone app. Or iTunes (it’s in the list called “Public”). They just started tweeting too: @allacappella889. The performances are … Continue reading

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Stations’ identification

So I’m walking across the Harvard campus, going from one Berkman office to another, listening to KCLU from Santa Barbara on my iPhone. The guest on the show is Berkman’s own John Palfrey. I think, that’s cool… what’s the show? … Continue reading

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We all have our crosses to climb

Yesterday I reported hearing that the New York Times was thinking about putting its editorial behind a paywall again. Today James Warren gives substance to the rumors: Here’s a story the newspaper industry’s upper echelon apparently kept from its anxious … Continue reading

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We’re gonna need a bigger boat

WebTV was way ahead of its time and exactly backwards. The idea was to put the Web on TV. In the prevailing media framework of the time, this made complete sense. TV had been around since the Forties, and nearly … Continue reading

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Badger spotting from altitude

On the same flight that started with The Cities in darkness and ended with Chicago at sunrise, my flight glided over Madison, Wisconsin, which I shot in the dawn’s early light. The shot above leads to the whole series. I … Continue reading

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Journalism and Net Nativity

I don’t go to TV for Journalism any more, even though I’m sure there’s plenty left: needles scattered thorugh a haystack of channels and program schedules that have become so hard to navigate on satellite and cable systems that it’s … Continue reading

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City and Lake at Dawn

Just posted this series of shots taken while flying into Chicago at dawn in early April

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The Death and Rebirth of Responsibility

As a kid I screwed up in many ways, but none of those ways excluded a central lesson good parents start teaching as soon as kids are capable of conversation: responsibility. The word always sounds reproachful and corrective to a … Continue reading

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One among any

On the ProjectVRM blog: A Declaration of Customer Independence.

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