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A newspaper progress report, sort of

Back in October 2006, I posted Newspapers 2.o, listing ten “hopefully helpful clues” for papers needing to adapt to a world that would only get more and more of its news online. I ran the same list in August 2007, … Continue reading

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Are newspapers a larval stage?

“Saving newspapers” is beginning to look like saving caterpillars. Or worse, like caterpillars saving themselves. That’s was the message I got from Rick Edmonds’ API Report to Exec Summit: Paid Content Is the Future for News Web Sites, in Poynter, … Continue reading

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WSJ vs. Subscribers

I’ve been a Wall Street Journal subscriber since the 1970s. I still am. The paper shows up at my doorstep every day. I’ve also been a subscriber to the Journal online. It costs extra. I’ve gladly paid it, even though … Continue reading

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We all have our crosses to climb

Yesterday I reported hearing that the New York Times was thinking about putting its editorial behind a paywall again. Today James Warren gives substance to the rumors: Here’s a story the newspaper industry’s upper echelon apparently kept from its anxious … Continue reading

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