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Voices and dreams

Say Hear is page that patches together voice messages from people who want to say why they’ve voting for whom. Interesting to click around. I just wrote in my vote for Obama. Somewhere back early this year I explained why … Continue reading

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Cluetrain tracks

Rich Sands posts Cluetrain Derailed? I respond here.

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What actually happened to Sidekick?

Several days ago I posted RIP, Sidekick, which lamented the passing of our favorite section of the Boston Globe. As part of the Globe’s redesign, it got rid of Sidekick and added a new section — a tabloid insert like … Continue reading

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An immodest proposal

FORWARD WITH FIBER: An Infrastructure Investment Plan for the New Administration is my second essay at the Publius Project. The first was FRAMING THE NET. This one is a bold proposal: putting $300 billion into bringing fiber to every possible … Continue reading

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Conservative rundown

Interesting to read the “18 conservatives, libertarians, and independent thinkers” gathered bu The American Conservative. The current cover, The Right Choice, begins, This election offers particularly dismal prospects for conservatives: the Senate’s most liberal member versus a Republican who combines … Continue reading

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RIP, Sidekick

Our favorite section of the Boston Globe is no more. It was called “Sidekick”, and it featured local news and events in our corner of the metro: the one called “Northwest”.* It had local restaurant reviews, club, theater, school and … Continue reading

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Back to real conservatism

Somewhere between Barry Goldwater and Sarah Palin, conservatism changed from a philosophical anchor — what Goldwater called a “conscience” — into a pure partisanship, defined at least as much by what and who it’s against (Liberals, Democrats, Hillary, Obama) as … Continue reading

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Last may I wrote spam alert, which ended this way:   I am among the least litigious people on Earth. But I can’t help but wonder … Could I (or we) sue these bastards for false representation? Invasion of … Continue reading

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Earth to Obama…

[Note… Not sure what’s wrong here, but the last few sentences of this post aren’t appearing, and somehow the next post is screwed up too. No time to fix right now. Sorry about that. Suffice to say that the problem … Continue reading

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Interesting NY Times piece on the emergence of the blog-based op-ed business, courtesy of Ariana Huffington and Tina Brown.

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