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Presidential interest

Stephen Lewis has an excellent post from Istanbul on the occasion of President Obama’s visit to Turkey, which was completed this morning. Steve explains, “Yes, that’s Garanti with an ‘i’ and not a double-‘e’, as in Garanti Bank, one of … Continue reading

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Just asking

Has President Obama made a single appointment that says “change”? Here’s his latest.

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The Onion on the Inauguration: Security Measures For The Inauguration No One At White House Knows What To Do With Old Pair Of Rumsfeld’s Pants Most Frequently Heard Words In Obama’s Inauguration Speech Obama Inauguration Speech Ruined By Incessant Jackhammering … Continue reading

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I just posted The Open Source Force Behind the Obama Campaign over at Linux Journal. I wrote it in August for the November issue, which would come out in time for the election. But it was too long for the … Continue reading

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Voices and dreams

Say Hear is page that patches together voice messages from people who want to say why they’ve voting for whom. Interesting to click around. I just wrote in my vote for Obama. Somewhere back early this year I explained why … Continue reading

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Obama’s temperament and Roedjak

Steve Lewis writes, Obama’s “Homeostasis”: It must be the Roedjak! — a deep and wonderful detour from the usual punditry about a candidate’s temperament, informed by Steve’s years working in Indonesia, as well as his exposure to many countries and … Continue reading

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Post-debate thoughtdown

Slept between the last post and this. Just took a shower and sat down at the computer. Here’s my brain dump before I move on to projects where I can make more of a difference. 1) Both these guys are … Continue reading

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Throwing the bums in

In response to my last political post, the subject of High Road vs. Low Road was brought up. One comment suggested that I thought Obama’s was the former while McCain’s was the latter. In fact I was suggesting that both … Continue reading

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