, discontinued

Last may I wrote spam alert, which ended this way:

  I am among the least litigious people on Earth. But I can’t help but wonder … Could I (or we) sue these bastards for false representation? Invasion of privacy?

I’m still getting comments there, I guess because (I just discovered), my post is the lucky top result in searches for spam. The total number of results is 374,000.

It’s obvious from recent comments that is still behaving badly. At this point, however, I have no interest in suing or otherwise going after the company.

For those interested, I suggest reading the Wikipedia article on, especially the sections Privacy, E-mail Spoofing and Better Business Bureau. The Los Angeles branch of the latter gives a “D.” I’d vote for an “F,” but any bad grade is better than none.

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  2. Dare says:

    If we go that way why don’t you type spam you’ll get half as results. Or, God forbids, spam…over 7 million results. Or spam. What about spam? Over 18 million results.

    As you can see many networks use what you call the invite a friend ‘spam method’ in which people choose to invite someone but they are not careful to select manual and not automatic invite.

  3. Karlin says:

    I got an invite from Reunion from an old high school friend… I almost filled in the form, but then Googled it and came to your blog. WHEW!!! Thanks for the heads up, I can find another way to contact that old friend, if he even was trying to get hold of me?

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