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Losing our best

Bruce Steinberg was my best reader, one of my best email correspondents, and one of the best friends I’ve never met in the flesh. We always talked about getting together, but never made it work. This morning I received an … Continue reading

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Less T, more V

As a photographer with nearly 18,000 shots on Flickr (and hundreds of thousands on hard drives), Dave Winer’s FlickrFan looks like a killer thing. I’m especially interested in turning our idle flatscreen “TV”s into useful ways to display the work … Continue reading

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Y Hoosgot

A couple nights ago David Sifry floated an interesting idea past me: a LazyWeb facilitation service that would flow tweet or blog requests for answers through a bloglike site to which readers could subscribe. Something like that, anyway. I liked … Continue reading

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And the BSword Bingo Award winner is…

Cliff Baldridge. The self-described “Multi-Award Winning Super-Producer and Director” has just put out a press release that begins,   SANTA BARBARA, Calif. & LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Santa Barbara Arts TV today announced that they have formed a content and advertising partnership … Continue reading

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Toward a VRM system for paying artists

In The RIAA is Right, Robert Scoble offers a tongue-in-cheek take on the RIAA’s insane idea that ripping one’s own CDs is illegal.* Among other things he says,   5. This behavior will make sure people buy (or steal) music … Continue reading

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In her view

Nice to see this interview with Lisa Gates, one of our good friends back in Santa Barbara.

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A fist for Palm

Tristan Louis is done with Palm. While his tale of tech support woe (ask for support, fail to get it, vow not to continue supporting the company), it does contain an interesting veer from the typical to the surreal: a … Continue reading

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The Twitter pulse of the Living Web

This story by Dennis Howlett, on how Twitter spread and processed news of the Bhutto assasination, casts light on the continuing birth of The Live Web. We also saw it a couple months back with coverage of the California fires … Continue reading

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Toward more and better ways to relate

Here’s a Techcrunch story on a patent application by Tony Fadell, Senior Vice President of Apple’s iPod division. Under “Summary of the Invention”, it begins,   A processing system is described that includes a wireless communication interface that wirelessly communicates … Continue reading

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It’s the Relationship, smarty

Think of markets as three overlapping circles: Transaction, Conversation and Relationship. Our financial system is Transaction run amok. Metasticized. Optimized at all costs. Impoverished in the Conversation department, and dismissive of Relationship entirely. We’ve been systematically eliminating Relationship for decades, … Continue reading

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