Less T, more V

As a photographer with nearly 18,000 shots on Flickr (and hundreds of thousands on hard drives), Dave Winer’s FlickrFan looks like a killer thing. I’m especially interested in turning our idle flatscreen “TV”s into useful ways to display the work photographers and services (such as the AP) that I like. When I get home to Santa Barbara later this week, I’ll give it a whirl.

Meanwhile, I think we’re going to see TV undermined absolutely by “content” of the users’ own choosing. TV itself isn’t even TV any more. It’s just one way among many for people to display pictures and video that could come from anywhere, produced and distributed by anybody, including (and especially) the user himself or herself.

When the TV ceases to be a TV, and can be whatever you want, wherever you want — yet still remains that attention-grabbing thing that a screen tends to be — all kinds of interesting things can happen.

I think we’re not only seeing the end of TV, but the beginning of a new life for digital photography.

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  1. Cédric says:

    My TV flatscreen (84cm) consumes 200W. Is it reasonnable to have it turned into a screen saver all day when the global warming is one of my concerns? On the other side, I keep the idea for my next party.

  2. Dave Ross says:

    It’s certainly happening in our house. We still watch an hour or two of “TV” a night, but that can include a Google TechTalk or TED Talk as well as what’s on DirecTV.

    Our Mac has access to all the video sharing sites out there, plus iTunes, Joost, Azureus, and Miro.

    It gets harder & harder to say “there’s nothing on”.

  3. Bob Morris says:

    Filtering the photos (and videos) into coherent entities could prove really important here. Right now it’s a mostly undifferentiated data stream. What if it could be filtered then sluiced into wherever is appropriate. You could create virtual channels based on filtered content, then maybe pump them back out to the net.

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