This is the first slide from Turning the Tables: What happens when the users are really in charge — the talk I gave at in Paris a couple weeks ago. The predictions are somewhat long-term. I’ll have some just for 2008 up soon at .

All the LeWeb3 videos are up now, by the way. Mine among them, I assume. Haven’t checked. (Hey, it’s Christmas. I wouldn’t be posting anything if I wasn’t sitting in a basement waiting to pull clothes from a dryer.)

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7 Responses to Prophesies

  1. JTH (Chip) says:

    1) Merry Christmas!
    2) slide is of a cow, not a bull
    which leads to …
    3) VMS …
    “Voluntary Milking System”

    hey … runs on Linux kernel

    Learned about it during conversation with old buddy at :

    Who says it isn’t a strange, convoluted world

    Best to you, Joyce and “the kid” and have a great New Year

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Hey, Chip.

    In the talk, I explained that this picture was the only one I could find that was cc-legal. But I thought using a cow added to the meaning of “bullshit”. The bull was bull.

    Thanks for the VMS pointer. It’s a couple years old, but maybe I can find something more current. Always looking for Linux Journal fodder.

    Merry, Happy and Beyond,


  3. Mike Warot says:

    Hey Doc,
    Merry Christmas. I like the use case you put on slide 34… the more of those you can crank out, no matter how complex or trival, the more we coders of the world can get a grasp on actually building it.

    I think some sort of broadcast scheme like Usenet on steroids might be appropriate…with channels to help filter down exactly what kind of items/services are being sought/offered.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Doc Searls says:

    Mike (and everybody),

    Use whatever you like from any slide of mine. Any photo. Any post.

    Give credit if you feel like it. If not, I don’t much care. The ideas are what matter.

    Also feel free to offer additions and corrections.

    Rock on,

    Delayed at DEN, en route to Boise and beyond…

  5. JTH (Chip) says:

    1) got my morning chuckle on the BS in BS
    2) Shirley has been taking photos of cows, plans eventually a series of paintings, I’ll get her to work a bull in for ya.
    3) have fun skiing – never “mastered” that, only downhill I do is on cross country – usually on my backside
    4) Idaho, was through there back in early 70’s on a long motorcycle trip (Mich to Canadian Rockies, back through Oregon, Colorado etc.
    Bought a vintage Brit Bike in Boise, had it shipped home

    Sent you email re: Two Lane Blacktop


  6. Man, 15 minutes to present all that? Too bad, because you had so much good stuff to say but you were so rushed I worry that the message didn’t really stick.

  7. Doc Searls says:


    Not sure it showed, but I had wanted to wander the stage with a lav mike and a remote clicker. They had neither, so I had to stand behind the podium.

    On the other hand, they added me late in the planning stages, and that time was all they could provide. And it did stick with a few people at least.

    And the really sad part was that a misunderstanding caused the cancellation of Dr. Weinberger’s sure-to-be-excellent talk (that we saw him give the weekend before). Hope he gets a chance to give it soon.

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