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Yes, please meet the Chief Executive Customer

Looks like IBM and I are in agreement. Last week the first image you saw at IBM’s site (at least here in the U.S.) was a larger version of the one on the left, with the headline “Meet the new … Continue reading

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Let’s use the ‘No Track’ button we already have

(Cross-posted from the ProjectVRM blog.) For as long as we’ve had economies, demand and supply have been attracted to each other like a pair of magnets. Ideally, they should match up evenly and produce good outcomes. But sometimes one side … Continue reading

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It just occurred to me that everything being worked on at IIW is meaningful to CRM. I had been thinking that only the VRM stuff was meaningful, but I realize now that all the IIW stuff is, because — from a … Continue reading

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CRM+VRM 2010 Follow-up

It’s been a week since VRM+CRM 2010, and there have been many conversations on private channels (emails, face-to-face, phone-to-phone, face-to-faces), all “processing,” as they say. Meanwhile we also have some very interesting postings to chew on. (Note: This is cross-posted here.) First, … Continue reading

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Beyond caveat emptor

First, three posts by JP Rangaswami: Does the Web make experts dumb? Does the Web make esperts dumb, Part 2: who is the teacher? Does the Web make experts dumb, Part 3: the issues His bottom line in the last … Continue reading

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Opening new common ground

So that’s the logo for the first VRM+CRM workshop, which will happen on 26-27 August, at Harvard Law School. It’s free. You can register here. ProjectVRM, which I’ve been running as a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center has been growing nicely over … Continue reading

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VRM meets CRM

CRM Magazine has devoted much of its May 2010 issue, including its cover and lead stories, to VRM and the growing power of individual customers, within which VRM is one vector. Naturally, Cluetrain is also covered, since it pointed in … Continue reading

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The Father of All Business Models

First, read Dave‘s The Mother of all Business Models. The money grafs: Want to get a message to Dave while he’s on the BART riding under SF? $5. Want to get a message to him while he’s walking the tradeshow … Continue reading

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I was overseen to have said

An IT Conversations interview on Framing the Net. At eComm 2009. On how free customers are more better than captive ones. At The Ideas Project. I spoke in closer to final draft than usual here. A transcript. Some samples: What … Continue reading

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Clueship fishing

Over at the ProjectVRM blog, two posts: Who in CRM 2.0 will help VRM 0.1? and What’s completely screwed about this picture?

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