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Enough with the branding BS

The backlash against “personal branding” has begun. I saw it first in this post by Yvonne in BlogHer. ¬†Now you can feel the line begin to whip with¬†Manifesto: I am Not a Brand, by Maureen Johnson, also in BlogHer. Bravo. … Continue reading

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Reputation vs. Branding

Branding has jumped the shark. The meme is stale. Worn out. Post-peak. If branding were a show on Fox, it would be cancelled next week. I can witness this trend by watching links going to three posts I made last … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Branding

Lots of trackbacks (or pingbacks) are spam, and I don’t approve them for the comments section. But some pass the first sniff test, and some are interesting enough to warrant a reply. That’s what happened with the post “To be … Continue reading

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Brands are boring

And “social media” is a crock. Or perhaps an oxymoron. Brands are boring because they’re not human. They’re companies. And, despite the recent Supreme Court decision to the contrary, companies are not human. They are abstractions that make business possible. … Continue reading

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In defense of Craigslist

Here’s a job for the Citizen Media’s long tail: find the fist time anybody used the terms “Craigslist killer”, “Craigslist case” or “Craigslist murder”. What the effort will highlight are two issues for journalism. One is the absence of an … Continue reading

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