Enough with the branding BS

The backlash against “personal branding” has begun. I saw it first in this post by Yvonne in BlogHer.  Now you can feel the line begin to whip with Manifesto: I am Not a Brand, by Maureen Johnson, also in BlogHer. Bravo.

The pull quote: “We can, if we group together, fight off the weenuses and hosebags who want to turn the Internet into a giant commercial.”

My own take is here.

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4 Responses to Enough with the branding BS

  1. Boyd Neil says:

    Love the pull quote . . . my bete noir concept: ‘engage with a brand’. Never. I engage with people not objects.

  2. LuckyJimJD says:

    The backlash began the moment the lash was first unleashed. “Personal branding” was always and remains a hideous nostrum, encapsulating the very worst of neo-liberal ideology — the commodification of everything, including ourselves (calling Dr. Marx!) — in one little phrase.

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