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Notes from #SOTN13

Hashtags being used: #SOTN13 #SOTN #SOTN_live Gigi keynote “Italian is the official language of music.” (It’s certainly far more musical than English. No offense.) David Snowden (@Snowded) keynote Responses to change: fascism or anarchy “We need a few more ecologists … Continue reading

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Let’s help Airbnb rebuild the bridge it just burned

[Trieste, Italy, 12:02am Friday 21 May 2013 — As I say in the comments here, Airbnb has responded to this post, explaining that a bug in the system was involved. While that might patch Airbnb’s relationship with my wife and I, … Continue reading

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2013_05_27 link pile

The Future Of Technology Isn’t Mobile, It’s Contextual, by Pete Mortensen in Co.Design The State of Wi-Fi, by Ubiquiti. Lots of stats. Disruptions: At Odds Over Privacy Challenges of Wearable Computing, by Nick Bilton, in his Bits blog at the … Continue reading

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2013_05_24 link pile

Media Tell Hollywood Thou Shalt Not Put A Stumbling Block Before the Treaty For The Blind, by Harold Feld. Points to the We the People Petition Why is the Media Hyping Cord-Cutting? Elements of a viral launch page, by Simon … Continue reading

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Time for public radio ratings winners to take a bow

I like and subscribe to Radio INK, which is the main way I stay current with what’s happening in mainstream radio. And Radio INK loves WTOP, the news station in Washington. Do a search for site: WTOP and you’ll get … Continue reading

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2013_05_23 link pile

Outlining Dave on the Icon Chooser Dialog (Just added the icons for each subhead) This is a test: em dash — , possessive apostophe ’ . If you see more of those in the text below, please ignore. Thanks. – … Continue reading

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2013_05_22 link pile

How the Decline of the Traditional Workplace Is Changing Our Cities, by Emily Badger American ISPs are now hated even more than airlines, By Brad Reed Hollywood studios attempt to censor Pirate Bay documentary High plains aquifer running out. Graphic. … Continue reading

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Flickr to Pro customers: no change

Flickr has updated its service. I knew it was coming and I had a few hopes for it: Better multiple account management Personal service, by human beings using their real voices Ability to make changes (e.g. of permissions or licensing) … Continue reading

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What’s right with QR codes

I first heard QR codes called “robot barf” yesterday, when JP said it. Got a good laugh out of it too, because: yeah, if a robot could barf, that’s what it would look like. Digging back, it looks like the first source … Continue reading

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What can people do with data that companies alone can’t?

After six years on the VRM case, it seems obvious to me that individuals need to be the points of integration for their own data — and of data about them, held by companies. But it’s not yet obvious to … Continue reading

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