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Blogging all over the place

People are asking me why I blog so little these days. Fact is, I blog as much as ever. Just not all here. For example, there’s Linux Journal. My latest there is Privacy is Personal. A good one, I think. … Continue reading

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Digging Hart Island, New York’s Million-Corpse Potter’s Field

A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization. — Samuel Johnson Visitors to New York’s Orchard Beach (at the top of the photo above) probably don’t know that the low wooded island offshore will, at the … Continue reading

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2013_05_19 link pile

Data The Man Who Turned Off Cookies In Firefox Doesn’t Care If It Hurts Advertisers Dynamic pricing vs./+ savvy consumers Mozilla stalls on privacy patch: ‘needs more work’ A shortage of privacy engineers, by Lorrie Faith Cranor and Norman Sadeh, … Continue reading

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