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Way to die

I just learned by Dave that Chris Gulker died on Wednesday. (Somehow I missed the news at first pass.) I barely knew Chris, I knew enough to get that he was terrific guy, citizen, friend, photographer, blogger and much more. … Continue reading

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The Data Bubble II

In The Data Bubble, I told readers to mark the day: 31 July 2010. That’s when The Wall Street Journal published The Web’s Gold Mine: Your Secrets, subtitled A Journal investigation finds that one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet is the … Continue reading

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The longer view

We have two iPhones in our family. Yesterday we traded in the older one — my wife’s first-generation model, bought in 2007 — at Radio Shack. They gave us $72.94 for the phone and charger, against $199 for a new 16Gb … Continue reading

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Food for re-thought

The summary paragraph of a great column by Tom Friedman: A dysfunctional political system is one that knows the right answers but can’t even discuss them rationally, let alone act on them, and one that devotes vastly more attention to … Continue reading

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Summer in the Fall

I took the picture above while I was crossing Harvard Yard yesterday. Pretty much captures the look and the mood of the region lately. It’s 72° on my back porch right now, 9 o’clock at night. It was another warm … Continue reading

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Portrait of the artist as a young non-CEO

For folks interested in what makes Steve Jobs and Apple (same thing) tick, Being Steve Jobs’ Last Boss, in the current Bloomberg Businessweek, is helpful reading. It’s an interview of John Sculley by Leander Kahney of Sculley had been … Continue reading

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I was overheard to have said…

Nice interview with Dan Levy of Sparksheet: From Part I: What opportunities does the widespread adoption of mobile smartphones present for VRM? This is the limitless sweet spot for VRM. Humans are mobile animals. We were not built only to sit at … Continue reading

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KCET’s brave move

I just learned by Craig Smith that KCET, the flagship PBS TV station in Los Angeles, is “going rogue.” Specifically, Craig says, “KCET will be dropping its PBS affiliation at the end of the year. That means if you live in Santa Barbara and … Continue reading

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Loose Links

So here are a bunch of tabs I just cleared off my browsers: Don Marti -> business -> ad targeting: better is worse? following up on Web ad targeting: can customers get a better deal? Robert Paterson: Three Wise Men. … Continue reading

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On trees that don’t grow to the sky

You could build a shallow history of computing by looking only at which company looked like it was taking over the world at any given moment. First there was IBM, then Microsoft, then Google, and now there’s Facebook. None of … Continue reading

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