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The journey was the reward

I was in the midst of late edits on The Intention Economy this afternoon, wondering if I should refer to Steve Jobs in the past tense. I didn’t want to, but I knew he’d be gone by the time the book comes … Continue reading

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The longer view

We have two iPhones in our family. Yesterday we traded in the older one — my wife’s first-generation model, bought in 2007 — at Radio Shack. They gave us $72.94 for the phone and charger, against $199 for a new 16Gb … Continue reading

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Beyond the iPad

I was just interviewed for a BBC television feature that will run around the same time the iPad is launched. I’ll be a talking head, basically. For what it’s worth, here’s what I provided as background for where I’d be … Continue reading

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Up the creek without an iPaddle

In response to Dave‘s Reading tea leaves in advance of Apple’s announcements, I added this comment: Steve loves to uncork constipated categories with the world’s slickest laxative. So I’m guessing this new box will expand Apple’s retail shelf space to … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Why is Steve Jobs taller than Eric Schmidt in this picture? I’ve met both guys, and I’m sure Eric is taller than Steve. But maybe I’m wrong. I’m having trouble (must be my night for that) finding believable height information … Continue reading

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Apple control freakiness

Apple has the best taste in the world. It also has the tightest sphincter. This isn’t much of a problem as long as they keep it in their pants, for example by scaring employees away from saying anything about anything … Continue reading

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