Way to die

I just learned by Dave that Chris Gulker died on Wednesday. (Somehow I missed the news at first pass.) I barely knew Chris, I knew enough to get that he was terrific guy, citizen, friend, photographer, blogger and much more. I don’t think it’s possible to die more consciously and graciously than Chris did. Dave’s right that it’s wrong not to read Chris’s obituary in a mainstream paper. But there are plenty of good ones out there* where it matters most. Start with Scott Rosenberg’s.

*And thank you, IceRocket, for still doing great blog search. It matters. Everybody, please do read the list of goodbyes that come up in a search for Chris.

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  1. In another of those what’s great about the blogosphere, you were one of the first website/blogs/etc. that Chris linked to and I always was intrigued by the name. Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. Hanan Cohen says:

    Somehow related – another example of a stupid “relevant” ad shown in the Icerocket search results


  3. Doc Searls says:

    Thank you, Linda. One of my regrets is that I didn’t get to know Chris better. My best to you and all the others who did.

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