Loose Links

So here are a bunch of tabs I just cleared off my browsers:

I’d rather find them here than in a bookmark folder I’ll never look at again.

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  1. Hmm… wasn’t social bookmarking supposed to solve this by now? Do the existing options not fit into your workflow? And is there a business opportunity here? 🙂

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Carter, I’ve had Delicious for years, and have found it aversive to use. The icons don’t appear in the browser chrome (not sure whose bug that is, or where), and too much extra work is required. I suppose that means there’s a business opportunity; but the world is full of business opportunities nobody takes up.

    Here’s one I would love to see: a simple WYSIWYG app that lets you edit and outline text and graphics in OPML, HTML and MediaWiki forms, and output to OPML, HTML, MediaWiki. The OPML editor alone does a good job of the first two, by the way. It’s since I work a lot in wikis that I want the third. But is there a business in that? I dunno.

  3. Hey Doc — why not look into my database recommendation that I have been telling you about for several years now — that is the proper place for those URLs.

  4. Brett Glass says:

    Doc, I notice that a lot of those tabs led to discussions – by people who have received money from Google – of how to regulate and destroy my business. But there’s nothing from the other side. Why?

    This concerns me because it looks as if Berkman is growing ever more anti-ISP. Of late, it has begun to host forums in which the deck is stacked so that no view which is favorable to broadband providers will ever be heard, despite our hard work to do good for the public.

  5. Poker says:

    I agree with Brett Glass on “growing ever more anti-ISP” part. It looks like your hard work to do good for a public is loosing to a big money making machines.

  6. Masha says:

    Hi there – thanks for some very interesting links.

    One problem – the Why Contextual Advertising Fails link is broken.

    This one works, though:


    Oh – and by the way, I use this delicious extention with Chrome, and it works really nicely:


    Including inserting any text you’ve highlighted on the page as a note to your bookmark. I’m a real delicious nut though – its not everyones cup of tea.

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