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What if they can’t plug the well?

When news came on April 21 that Transocean‘s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig had exploded — killing eleven, sinking the rig, and leaving an open oil well gushing a mile down on the ocean floor — my first thought was, What … Continue reading

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Dig your Ordovican great-Xth granddaddy/mommy

Or let the paleontologists dig it for you. That’s what a team led by Yale researchers did last year in southeastern Morocco’s Lower and Upper Fezouata Formations. The result is covered by LiveScience in Oldest Soft-Bodied Marine Fossils Discovered . … Continue reading

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The Mathman Sums Up

I came late to love math. Not sure why, but my grasp of the concepts (which is far from great) is not matched by skill or speed at calculation. There always seemed to be teeth missing in the gears of … Continue reading

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Reputation vs. Branding

Branding has jumped the shark. The meme is stale. Worn out. Post-peak. If branding were a show on Fox, it would be cancelled next week. I can witness this trend by watching links going to three posts I made last … Continue reading

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Manners vs. Mores

Until her Supreme Court nomination turned Elena Kagan into big-time news fodder, there was not an abundance of great pictures of her to be found on the Web. Among the better ones to be found were a couple I had … Continue reading

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TTT vs. The News Cycle

In the old days the “news cycle” was the interval between the news media’s pumpings: the paper’s daily print run, the TV station’s morning and evening news programs. Now that cycle is as short as the TTT: Time To Tweet. … Continue reading

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Fee Enterprise

…in the mid-Atlantic and New England states between 1800 and 1830, turnpike companies accounted for 27 percent of all business incorporations. That’s from Turnpikes and Toll Roads in Nineteenth-Century America, by Daniel B. Klein, Santa Clara University and John Majewski, … Continue reading

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