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Radio gets personal

The great Larry Josephson — to me the best radio host ever (he was real and honest and funny and groundbreaking and smart long before Howard Stern was the same, and I am a serious Howard fan too) — once … Continue reading

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New England on Spin Cycle

That’s what the radar shows right now. Outside the winds range from strong to scary. The rain is steady and horizontal. The storm rotates counterclockwise. If it had an eye, it would be on Boston. New York, as you see, … Continue reading

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What you see is what they buy

Brilliant of the Sunlight Foundation to show who pays each elected speaker, in text next to them as they’re speaking at the Heath Care Summit. Dig it here, live. Via @mathowie. [Later…] In the interest of fairness, here’s a Democrat, … Continue reading

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Matterings of Perspective

CRM & VRM, Figure & Ground is a long piece I put up today over at the ProjectVRM blog. It expands on Antagonyms, Social Circles and Chattering about VRM, an excellent post by Cliff Gerrish on his Echovar blog. Both … Continue reading

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Futures of the Internet

Pew Internet‘s latest report, Future of the Internet IV (that’s the Roman numeral IV — four — not the abbreviation for intravenous, which is how my bleary eyes read it at half past midnight, after a long day of travel), … Continue reading

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A modest revenue proposal to the BBC

I love BBC domestic programming (such as Radio 4, which I have to dig to find on the BBC website if I’m coming in from a non-UK IP address, as I am now), and would like to pay as much … Continue reading

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Where in the World?

Years ago, before Flickr came into my life and provided incentives for hyper-identifying everything about every photograph, I had a brief-lived series of photographic teases called Where in the World? — or something like that. (Can’t find the links right … Continue reading

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Not a medal, but still an Olympic win

Anything look familiar about the ice crystals on NBC’s Vancouver Olympics bumper screens (some of which float behind Bob Costas’ head when he sits talking at his desk)? You can see the originals here. They were shot at our apartment … Continue reading

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Because trees don’t grow to the sky

Advertising is a bubble. If that’s a true statement, Google is a bubble too. And if that’s true, many of the goods we take for granted on the Web are at risk. Let’s run down some evidence. Thus begins The … Continue reading

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Bubkes’ next stand

Bubkes, Stephen Lewis explains, is “Yiddish for beans; early-20th-century Bronx-, Brooklyn-, and Lower-East-Side-ese for very inconsequential matters.” It’s also the name of his blog at — which, perhaps miraculously, is back up again. Though not for long. Bubkes is … Continue reading

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