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After the monsoon

We had a week of record rain here in Eastern Massachusetts. Lots of roads were closed as ponds and brooks overflowed their banks, and drainage systems backed up. At various places on Mass Ave north of Cambridge water was gushing … Continue reading

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New England on Spin Cycle

That’s what the radar shows right now. Outside the winds range from strong to scary. The rain is steady and horizontal. The storm rotates counterclockwise. If it had an eye, it would be on Boston. New York, as you see, … Continue reading

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Winter Weathering

The mudslides we feared in Southern California didn’t materialize when I posted about the topic on January 21st. Now they are feared again, as a new wave of winter rainstorms passes through. Some slides have already happened. More will. Count … Continue reading

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Geology vs. Weather

I love this: … and I hope the good (or evil, depending on your perspective) folks at Despair.com don’t mind my promoting their best t-shirt yet. (If it helps, I just ordered one.) You’ll notice that blogging isn’t in the … Continue reading

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Weather and Air France 447

Check out two very provocative Baltimore Weather Examiner pieces by Tony Pann: Air France 447 electrical problems and the South Atlantic Anomaly and Air France 447 mystery, LOST, and The Bermuda Triangle. The latter is not as goofy as its … Continue reading

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On the sky again

Flying from Boston to Minneapolis by way of Chicago today. The second leg is through the middle of this: Shouldn’t be much to see out the window. But I’m looking forward to talking tomorrow morning at MinneWebCon. The title is … Continue reading

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New England Blues

The soft white silence is settling outside on a cold winter mornng. I’m guessing about two inches so far, atop the eight or so that remain from last week’s storm. The above is from Intellicast, my fave new online weather … Continue reading

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Seeing how ugly it can get

Since I’m an aviation freak, I’m also a weather freak. I remember committing to getting my first color TV, back in the mid-70s, because I wanted to see color radar, which at that time was carried by only one TV … Continue reading

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