What you see is what they buy


Brilliant of the Sunlight Foundation to show who pays each elected speaker, in text next to them as they’re speaking at the Heath Care Summit. Dig it here, live.

Via @mathowie.

[Later…] In the interest of fairness, here’s a Democrat, and his major backers:


(I’ve cropped and moved the video image a bit so browsers won’t shrink the numbers too much.)

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3 Responses to What you see is what they buy

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  2. I too watched the summit via SunlightFoundation’s page. I think very highly of that group and thought their coverage was innovative and quite interesting, but …

    Much of the twitter-driven supplemental commentary focused on the contributions that the then-speaker had received from the healthcare industry. What struck me was that the amount of contribution didn’t seem to correlate at all with what the speaker was saying. In particular, a number of the Democrats, while receiving huge chunks of corporate largess, were sounding a very populist, almost anti-corporate themes.

    Naturally, many/most were pandering (at least to a degree). But nonetheless, after a while, I just stopped looking at the twitter notes about all the contributions they had received.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Alas, I don’t think much happened. Theater, basically.

    I mean, did anything change?

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