Where in the World?

Years ago, before Flickr came into my life and provided incentives for hyper-identifying everything about every photograph, I had a brief-lived series of photographic teases called Where in the World? — or something like that. (Can’t find the links right now. Maybe later.)

So I thought I’d fire it up again for the shot above, which I took recently on a road trip. Can anybody guess what this is? Bonus points if you can say exactly where.

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9 Responses to Where in the World?

  1. Flip says:

    Foster Freeze in Los Angeles. Dozens of locations.

  2. Mike Warot says:

    Looks like an ice cream shop in Van Nuys, California.

    The Health Department logo is a match with the one in LA – http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/index.htm

    The EXIF/IPTC info in your Flickr page leaks location information if you want to do this in the future.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    You’re both right. This was an easy one.

    I wouldn’t have shot it if it didn’t have that B sanitation grade.

  4. Brett Glass says:

    Looks like a Foster’s Freeze restaurant somewhere in LA. The LA County Department of Public Health’s database on the WEb lists two of them which got “B” ratings: one in Santa Monica on Pico and one in Van Nuys on Sepulveda. The one in Santa Monica got a score of 81% and the one in Van Nuys got a score of 84%. Cannot tell which this is, so I’m going to guess Santa Monica; it’s closer to the highway which Doc would have taken from Santa Barbara.

  5. Brett Glass says:

    Oops…. I’m going to change my guess. The map data on Flikr indicates that it is actually the one on Sepulveda. Address is 7148 SEPULVEDA BLVD, VAN NUYS, CA 91405

  6. Doc Searls says:

    Right, Brett. It was the one in Van Nuys. We were driving from Pasadena to Santa Barbara on The 101 when my wife, who grew up in L.A., got a craving for a Foster Freeze sundae. This was the nearest one. While we were waiting in line I became impressed by the B sanitation rating, the butt-ugliness of the promotional crap in the window (not to mention the grafitti), and the fact that this Foster Freeze was probably standing in exactly this spot, serving exactly the same stuff, fifty years ago, when The Valley was just in the early stages of changing from orchards to suburbs.

  7. Jack Hughes says:

    That root beer ice cream sounds scrummy… 😉

  8. Doc Searls says:

    I had a root beer freeze. So did the kid. My wife had her sundae. All were terrific and none of us got sick.

    I love that Foster Freeze persists, unimproved by fashion or health departments.

  9. michael says:

    Foster’s Freeze Restaurant LA.

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