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Spying on your ass

Quantified toilets. Seems to be a project out of @CHI2014, going on now in Toronto.

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Remembering Dr. Jack Ramsay

Back in the early ’90s I was waiting for an elevator one night at a high rise hotel when I was joined by a group of Miami heat basketball players and Jack Ramsay, who was then most famously the former coach … Continue reading

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Cavalcade of tabs

IIW. Coming up. Be there. Make it yours. Just discovered a cache of unmoderated comments going back a month or more. Just approved all of them. They are here, here and here. The myth of interference is a great 2003 piece … Continue reading

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It’s Indie Time

Aral Balkan is doing a bang-up job getting Indie rolling as an adjectival meme. He’s doing it with his Indie Phone, Indie Tech Manifesto and a talk titled Free is a Lie. To put the Indie movement in context, it helps to realize that it’s … Continue reading

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Today’s tabs

Market intelligence that flows both ways. It’s about the real Internet of Things. Not the Compuserve+Prodigy+AOL variety in development today. Unless we build on open source and standards, the IoT won’t be near as big as Business Insider says it … Continue reading

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Earth to Mozilla: Come back home

In her blog post explaining the Brendan Eich resignation, Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, writes, “We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves.” In Mozilla is Human, Mark Surman, … Continue reading

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Weekend linkings

Infrastructure Robert McMillan in Wired: How Heartbleed Broke the Internet — And Why It Can Happen Again Dan Kaminsky: Be still my breaking heart (also on Heartbleed) Connectivity Infrastructure (a piece I wrote for Linux Journal in 2002) Opening Minds … Continue reading

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Cars as crucibles for personal autonomy

From Merriam-Webster: cru·ci·ble noun\ˈkrü-sə-bəl\ : a pot in which metals or other substances are heated to a very high temperature or melted : a difficult test or challenge : a place or situation that forces people to change or make … Continue reading

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Spring links

Crocuses are showing up next to sidewalks in New York, so it must be Spring, which seems like a good time to finish a pile of links I started compiling in December and forgot about. Here goes… Photography Mattresses, Brooms, … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Talk Radio Hosts of All Time

Here is my short list: Larry Josephson Howard Stern Bob Grant Bob & Ray Barry Gray Bob Fass Steve Post Rush Limbaugh Alex Bennett Allan Handelman And here are my qualifications: a) the performer has to do (or have done) … Continue reading

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