Cavalcade of tabs

IIW. Coming up. Be there. Make it yours.

Just discovered a cache of unmoderated comments going back a month or more. Just approved all of them. They are here, here and here.

The myth of interference is a great 2003 piece in Salon by David Weinberger, starring David Reed, more relevant than ever. The good doctor also has a great summary post on the current Net Neutrality fracas.

Groundtruth and Airwaves: Sensor Networks and Emerging Technology for Environmental Journalism Symposium, April 30, 1pm – 5pm, Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall, University of California, Berkeley. Via WeTheData.

On the Aereo case, currently being argued before the Supreme Court:

On flying solo in a silo’d world:

Google Glass smells bad. Dave nails it. A sample: 1. We love technology. 2. But we want to be creative with it, not be owned by it. From my comment there: Nobody rationalizes better than a genius who won’t listen.

A simple remedy for the Comcast+TWC problem, by Bob Frankston.

Climate change is the fight of our lives – yet we can hardly bear to look at it, By Naomi Klein. “Being conusmers is all we know.”

A long and amazing list of Boston area pirate radio signals, from Bamlog.

Video and/or audio of what I said yesterday will be up somewhere soon.

Used Uber for the first time, here in Santa Barbara. Smooth, easy, cheaper than a cab and a lot more fun. +1.

Heartbleed as metaphor, by Dan Geer.

How Urban Anonymity Disappears When All Data Is Tracked, by Quentin Hardy.

Journatic and the future of crowdsourced journalism, by Aaron Shaw.

On Distributed Communication Networks. By Paul Baran, September 1962. Possibly the oldest founding design document for the Internet.

My nephew Stephen Crissman is featured in this post. This one too. And here’s a plug for his koozies business.

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  1. The world’s going to hell in a hand basket and we’re all along for the ride.


    The climate change article by Naomi, that is so true it’s not funny. All we know is how to be consumers … so we all just want to go back to our easy lives.

    Not me.

    If we don’t find the time to do this Earth thing right, we won’t have time to do it over.

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