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What’s right with Wikipedia?

“I make my living off the Evening News Just give me something: something I can use People love it when you lose They love dirty laundry. — Don Henley, “Dirty Laundry” Look up “Wikipedia loses” (with the quotes) and you … Continue reading

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The Infrastructure Dynamic

I just posted Rupert Murdoch vs. The Web, over at Linux Journal. In it I suggest that the Murdoch story (played mostly as Bing vs Google) is a red herring, and that the real challenge is to free the Web … Continue reading

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WGBH and public radio’s future

@robpatrob (Robert Paterson) asks (responding to this tweet and this post) “Why would GBH line up against BUR? Why have a war between 2 Pub stations in same city?” (In this tweet and this one, Dan Kennedy asks pretty much … Continue reading

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WGBH/WCRB go the way of WNYC/WQXR

The longest thread in the history of this blog belongs to Why WQXR is better off as a public radio station, which I posted on July 26, and still has comments this month. The post followed a complex deal by … Continue reading

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Catching up

I’m back in Boston after a great few days in Utah at the Kynetx Impact conference, where VRM and related stuff was brought up and discussed at length. It was an inaugural effort by Kynetx, which has what I think … Continue reading

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Swelling ground

Two posts worth noting over at the ProjectVRM blog. The first is Intention Economy Traction, which riffs off David Gillespie’s illustrative and wise 263-slide narrative Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet). Both of … Continue reading

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Let me re-repeat

[Note: Jump to the bottom first, to see how this went… and may keep going.] So I called SuperShuttle to book a ride to the airport in Denver. The first thing the robot voice said was that I could also … Continue reading

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Happy Birthdays

— to Colette Searls, JP Rangaswami, Chris Locke, Neil Young. Two of whom will join me on stage at Defrag shortly.

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Colors of salt

Before the salt in evaporating sea water turns white, it goes through stages of color that range from jade green to brick red, with variations of orange, yellow and other colors. From above the salt ponds around San Francisco Bay … Continue reading

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Beyond Social Media

Consider the possibility that “social media” is a crock. Or at least bear with that thought through Defrag, which takes place in Denver over today and Thursday, and for which the word “social” appears seventeen times in the agenda. (Perspective: … Continue reading

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