Swelling ground

Two posts worth noting over at the ProjectVRM blog.

The first is Intention Economy Traction, which riffs off David Gillespie’s illustrative and wise 263-slide narrative Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet). Both of us see The Intention Economy as pretty much inevitable.

The second is Advertising In Reverse, which riffs off (Dilbert cartoonist) Scott Adams’ Hunter Becomes the Prey, a post in which he suggests “broadcast shopping,” by means which VRM folks have been calling by the dull name Personal RFP. In fact, I’m ready to change that wiki entry to “broadcast shopping”. Thoughts?

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  1. John Caddell says:

    I love the name “broadcast shopping”–it’s catchy and descriptive. I want one! regards, John

  2. Patrick says:

    The idea is to broadcast the opportunity the customer presents -no?
    So how about “Opportunity Broadcast”?

  3. Given that “shopping” is what customers DO currently, using that term in the VRM outbound model makes sense.

    It seems that the “personal RFP” is more of a protocol/platform for DOING broadcast shopping, part of the specifics and not the concept.

  4. Yes – Personal RFP must be changed.
    Broadcast shopping is not landing well – for two reasons; Shopping infers that for the effort back from possible suppliers you should probably buy something – which you may never do. Also – someone is inevitably going to get slick and think it needs to be shortened to BS. That would be a shame.

    Something like ‘broadcast browsing’ might work – we could live with ‘BB’.

  5. Doc Searls says:

    How about Intention Syndication? Most users wouldn’t know what that is, though.

    I know that “personal rfp” is a non-starter, unless it’s deeper down, as Jonathan suggests. Something mechanical, while the request-response process higher up goes by another name.

  6. You’re going to describe it to different groups differently. RFP will work for some, “broadcast shopping” for others (but I get stuck on broadcast — TV?).

    What I’m Looking For would be clear to potential shoppers.

  7. Doc Searls says:

    Hmm… WILF. I like it. The top result here, however…


    … isn’t the best.

    Still, maybe.

    Here are the search results for “broadcast shopping”:



  8. Scott Adams says:

    I once filed a patent for Broadcast Shopping, before I named it. The idea was that you put your service needs into your digital calendar, on the date it will be important to you, and vendors would get an alert so they could solicit you.

    For example, you might schedule “reseal driveway” for next June 8th, and when that date rolled around, your calendar would be populated with solicitations, consolidated into one link, easily ignored if you choose, from local companies who seal driveways. A third party would keep the consumer anonymous until he decided to follow up on an offer.

    My patent application was rejected because someone had a patent in an entirely different context that overlapped it. But I still think the calendar is the right launchpad for Broadcast Shopping, so long as you can control what calendar entries get broadcast and what are private. Shopping is tightly linked to schedule. They need to be married.

    Scott Adams

  9. Or, “What I Want.”

    Search results for “WIW” lead with the reassuringly numb

    Wstrn Ast Clymr Infltn Lkd Opts & Inc Fd (NYSE).

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