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Fun with personalities

Keeping Linux Safe Since 1994 is my latest at Linux Journal. It’s fun with Typeanalyzer. Try it on your blog, and see what it says. Don’t be surprised if the results are different than those for yourself.

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Bailing on the bailout

Back in September or so I blogged in favor of the $700 billion stimulus package. In those days, now so long ago, I thought, against my otherwise better judgement, that we needed to do something. Now I don’t. Now I … Continue reading

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Unexpected but inevitable pops

What if every product category, every business, is a bubble — and some just last longer? We know the newspaper business was a bubble. It lasted over a century, but here we are, at the end of it. Papers will … Continue reading

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Required re-reading

A pause this Thanksgiving weekend to appreciate The Word Detective, which has been around forever, which is to say since 1995. I remember The Word Dectective from way back in the Early Daze, when there were relatively few websites (say, … Continue reading

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EOLcat is a palindrome.

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Ze says this blogger is 12. His hedge, which I second: I will say that if this is some weird viral H&M marketing scheme, I will be very angry.

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Obituaries on hold

Shel Holtz lists all the techs whose reported deaths are still exaggerated. Hat tip to Zane Safrit.

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Nice validation

Of The Open Source Force Behind the Obama Campaign, Joe Trippi writes,   I’ve never read a more accurate explanation of how the Linux movement and Open Source influenced and formed the foundational thinking for the political movement that, now, … Continue reading

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The government crash

The amazing thing about crashes is that you can see them coming. They’re not surprises like earthquakes or meteor impacts. A sure sign of their approach is too much speculative lending, which contributes to the boom that sets up the … Continue reading

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“Bloggers unpacking issues…

…that remain hidden from public view.” That’s just one phrase just uttered by Antony Lowenstein, author of The Blogging Revolution and speaker at lunch here at the Berkman Center. The talk, which is a debate/q&a, is going on now (12:44pm), … Continue reading

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