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Welcome to the Out Age

I’d forgotten how it is, dealing with Cox High Speed Internet here in Santa Barbara. We got spoiled with Verizon FiOS in Boston. It’s never down. Customer support is solid. And the data rates rock: 15-20Mb/s, symmetrical, for about the … Continue reading

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A few shots across the continental divide

The trip across the country on Friday yielded very little photography, at least for me: a set just 26 shots long. Our 3-person family had row 12 on the left side of a United 757-200. That’s one of the rows … Continue reading

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Cacheing up

This was my first piece about The Giant Zero, from October 2006. Holds up pretty well.

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Home again

It’s great to be back at our house in Santa Barbara, with our pool and a climate that is almost criminally nice … cool, dry and breezy while most of the rest of the country swelters. Spent a bunch of … Continue reading

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Could be worse

Sitting with the family between planes while delayed at SFO. One good thing: checked the speed and I’m getting 2841kbps down and 3670kbps up. Not bad for airport wi-fi. Can’t wait to get back home to Santa Barbara. The Kid … Continue reading

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Quote du jour

Alpha male philandering is the oldest form of recreational arrogance. — Britt Blaser. From a now-old post. But I think it’s still true.

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Ones for the road

I’m not a car nut — I could never afford to be, lacking both the money and the time — but I do enjoy and appreciate them as works of arts, science, culture and plain necessity. So, about a month … Continue reading

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Days vs. Daze

Maarten is going into Day 10 of chemo. Writes Lori,   He slept a little, and is finally eating something, but I think this has been the toughest day for him physically so far. According to the nurses, tomorrow, day … Continue reading

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Making real health care happen

So now it’s time to put lessons to work. The Patient as the Platform is my latest post over at Linux Journal, and it proposes something that goes beyond merely giving patients control of their health care records. (As do, … Continue reading

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Obama as Reagan 2.0

Caught a bit of Michael Krasny’s Forum yesterday on KQED, and heard that George Lakoff will be on the second hour today: 10-11am, Pacific time.  Michael is among the most intellectual and probing of interviewers, and I look forward to … Continue reading

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