What radio is all aboot

I discovered JazzFM91 on a recent trip to Toronto, and keep going back. It’s sooo good. Right now Danny Marks is talking to … who is it? dunno, just tuned in. (Later… it’s Terry Gilespie.) But the subject is John Lee Hooker.

The music that follows reminds me of the time John Lee gave one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. It was in St. Joseph’s Church in Durham, I’d guess around 1980. I was in front pew on the right. John Lee walked in with an orange suit and his guitar, said “Stand up!” to the audience, and all obeyed. There was no way to sit for the rest of the service. It was just amazing. Just remembered I wrote about this, and a funny JLH story, back in ’01.

Here’s JazzFM91’s stream.

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2 Responses to What radio is all aboot

  1. Jim Parsons says:

    Really, really happy to hear that you’re on the mend!

    Thanks for the props on my hometown jazz radio station and your recent tip on MIT’s WMBR. I’m listening to the hi-res audio stream now and it’s awesome!

    Given your penchant for window seat photography I thought you might really enjoy these Toronto skyline photos: http://gallery.mac.com/parsons.jim/101916
    from a storm early last week.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Gorgeous shots, Jim. Isn’t it amazing that none of those seems to have hit any of the biggest skyskrapers, including the CN Tower. Where electrons collect and then choose to jump skyward doesn’t always follow the paths of human sensibility.

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