Hospital food never tasted so good

Got my first “thin” meal with my second breakfast this morning. The first breakfast was the usual broth and tea. Then for lunch I had my first real meal: baked scrod, a salad with strawberries and dried cranberries with a few almond slices and a lowfat dressing. Chicken noodle soup with a few crackers. Generic stuff. But I loved eating it, while watching clips from The Last Waltz on the laptop.

It’s been about an hour since then, and everything feels fine. My bloodwork shows everything normalized. Blood pressure of 120/70, heart rate of 58, oxygen uptake of 98%: an athletic profile in the absence of any cause other than genetics. My liver and pancreatic chemicals all look fine. White cell count is high at 20, but coming down from wherever it was. No fever in days.

Gotta make room here for sick people. Figuring I’ll punch out in a couple hours. Can’t wait.

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8 Responses to Hospital food never tasted so good

  1. How ’bout some pics of the hospital food from 5,000 feet?

    Good to see you are getting back on solid food!

  2. So happy to hear that. Off to meet the Gillmors for coffee and talk about you behind your back. Don’t let that send your blood pressure up!

  3. Terry Heaton says:

    Welcome back, Doc. Well, actually, we didn’t miss you, because you never really went away (isn’t there a country & western song like that?). We’re all relieved for ourselves and happy for you. Enjoy the food. It’ll be interesting to see how much weight you’ve lost once the IV water weight goes down.

  4. Good to hear doc – congratulations on feeling better at last. I’ve been watching your rough ride and I’m glad to see you pulling out of it.

  5. PXLated says:

    Good to hear – Keep us posted!

  6. jan says:

    Hi David,
    We are waiting for more gory details – you know, all the bodily functions. Hope you get to go home asap.
    We miss you…..hope you’ll be back in the Silicon Valley soon.
    More love,
    Jan and Rick

  7. Charles Lee says:

    Happy munching, so you out yet??

  8. Mary Lu says:

    Doc, Glad to hear the food and your bod’ are agreeing. Hope this means J will get to spring you from that place RSN. Take it easy and heal up a little before trying to spring back into your road warrior mode. Ya hear? Mary Lu and Doug

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