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Quote du jour

Cable is not a monopoly. You can choose from any cable company you want in America, just by moving your house. — Brad Templeton, at F2C

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Follow Freedom

Freedom to Connect, where I am now, is streaming live.

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Ludwig, Herbert and Anne-Sophie at 3am

Before crashing in bed at 3am, I heard the last (third) movement of what may be my favorite piece of music: Beethoven’s Violin Concerto. It was an amazing version, subtle and silky-smooth, yet highly emphatic. The phrasing verged on speech. … Continue reading

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Case in disappoint

After a delayed plane that got to Dulles around midnight, a car rental agency that took most of an hour to get me a car that worked, a long drive to D.C., and three tries at getting a hotel room … Continue reading

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Keep state geodata open

The only reason to close state geography data is to protect a few existing monopoly businesses. Making that data available to the public is a good idea in any case. But the big pro-business reason is that it makes countless … Continue reading

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Getting airports and hotels out of the pay toilet business

I upload a lot of photos. It’s almost always an ordeal unless I’m at home or work. That’s because I get fast upload speeds in both places. At home I have a fiber connection to the Net with 20Mb symmetrical … Continue reading

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Attention WordPressers

Take it from somebody who lost at least one whole blog entirely from the consequences not upgrading WordPress: Upgrading your installation or patch is essential. So read this from Ian Kallen. Also what he added by IM yesterday:   What’s … Continue reading

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Journaling on journalism

Taking notes on the Media Re:public gathering here in Los Angeles. “Its not clear to me that one unit of increase in media equals one unit of increase in democracy” — Ernest Wilson, of the USC Annenberg School of Communications. … Continue reading

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School of Journalism Marketing and Stuff

Back last Fall, when news came that the Medill School of Journalism was thinking about changing its name (and in fact had already dropped “of Journalism” from its website index page), I wrote a post saying, basically, that this was … Continue reading

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The Kurse of KFI

I just learned that KFI’s new tower went down while it was going up. This was the long-awaited replacement for the tower that was knocked down in 2004. Here’s what I wrote about it back then. It was delayed by … Continue reading

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